TV Schedule Category: Saturday

World News

Join Reendex for a night of news. Kerry. bring you the news that matters to you!

The Late Talk Show with K C

Find out who this week’s guests are on “The Late Talk Show with K C”! Find out who this week’s guests are on “The Late Talk Show with K C”!

News Insight

Get the context behind the news and find out how it will affect of the world.

Reendex at Ten

Latest National and International news, with reports correspondents worldwide.

Cook like a Chef

Do you know what really goes into being a Chef? Join us for the Grand Finale!

What’s Happening Now

Kerry Thomas will take you to news when and where it happens and Julie will take you to news

Sport Fixtures

All the latest sports news from around the world. Roger F has revealed he will miss next month’s.

Reendex at Six

National and International News stories from the Reendex Team and Local News more stories

Headline News

Latest up on national, local and world best news. The headlines of the news of the day gets the Story from some of the best minds.

Dream Cars

Take a look at the manufacturing and assembling processes of luxurious cars.



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